Liftgate Repair In Fayetteville, NC

Liftgate Repair

A liftgate is a simple piece of machinery powered by either electric motors or hydraulics that is installed to the back of a truck. A platform then raises up and goes down with freight and makes loading convenient for you. Liftgates are vital for carrying heavy loads in and out of your truck. It makes loading and unloading heavy cargo easier and safer for you. Without lift gates, it would be much harder to use your truck. They are ideal because of their compact size and are very easy to use. Without lift gates, loading and unloading would be a much difficult task to accomplish.


Liftgates are controlled with an electrical switch. Liftgates rely on hydraulics to lift the platform up and down. This machinery works to lift heavy loads with ease, making your work much easier for you. Operators place heavy loads onto the platforms and the hydraulics lift it up to the trailer where loading can be done easily. Liftgates can lift several thousand pounds. 


How do I know if my lift gate needs repair?

Liftgates assist with loading and unloading safely and as efficiently as possible. Therefore, it is vital for your liftgate to be working properly. An improperly operating lift gate puts your safety, business, money, and time at risk. Improper parts such as bent struts, a broken motor, leaking hydraulic pumps, and short circuits in the electrical components can cause your liftgate to malfunction. Here at D K Hardee Automotive, our Reliable technicians are well trained in liftgate repairs and will ensure that your liftgate is working properly throughout its lifetime. 


Here are some signs that your liftgate needs to get repaired:

  • Fluid leak from the hydraulics
  • Jerky or slow movement
  • Saggy platform
  • Noisy motors
  • Platforms that gradually drift lower
  • Platforms that don’t lift up or go down


Your Quality shop for lift gate repair

If you notice that your liftgate is not working properly, come to D K Hardee Automotive to get your liftgate fixed and working as soon as possible. Even though they are designed to last a really long time, your liftgate does undergo a lot of stress and could need to get repaired at some point. Making sure that your liftgate is well maintained and has no issues is very important. Your safety and business could be at risk with a malfunctioning liftgate. By giving them the best possible care, our Reliable technicians will ensure that your liftgate is taken good care of and will last as long as possible. We work to get high-quality parts to ensure that your liftgate will last its lifetime.


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