Understanding the Wheel Alignment Process

Why it Matters For Your Vehicle

Having a wheel alignment performed is one of the most common services provided at DK Hardee Automotive & Express. While many people are aware that an alignment can improve vehicle performance and increase the life of their tire, they may not know that tire alignments are about the suspension and not the tires.

Defining a Wheel Alignment

Despite the name, the alignment process refers to adjustments made to your vehicle’s suspension. Mainly, proper alignment comes down to the precise adjustment to tire angles for roadway contact.

Measurements That Matter

As an alignment has to do with angles, it is no shock that measurements matter. Your automotive mechanic is most likely concerned about three measurements in particular.


Camber refers to the outward or inward angle of a tire, and too much tilt can be problematic. Worn ball joints, bearings, or other parts can contribute to over-tilt.


Alternatively, toe alignment refers to the turning inward or outward of your tires. Again, too much in either direction inhibits vehicle performance, at which point correction is likely needed.


Caster refers to the steering angle, and it is incredibly important to the control and performance of your vehicle. The measurement, when correctly calibrated, balances stability, steering, and cornering.

Importance of Alignment

While there is no set rule for when an alignment should routinely be performed, as makes and models have specific guidelines, there is no denying that such services are essential to the performance of your vehicle. Misalignment is responsible for poor handling, tire wear, and reduced fuel efficiency. Therefore, alignments matter to safety.

Misalignment and Tread Wear

When looking at the treads on your tires, what do you notice? Is one side more worn than the other? Does it appear that one edge is sharp and the other smooth? The uneven wearing out of a tire tread is indicative of your vehicle’s suspension being out of its proper alignment.

If you are experiencing any of the tell-tale signs of misalignment, like pulling or uneven wear, then contact DK Hardee Automotive & Express to schedule an appointment. They will check the tire angles and make sure that your suspension is calibrated for optimum performance.

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