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Is It Time for a Timing Belt Replacement?

Many components of your car will wear out over time. Some will reach their end more quickly than others, like your tires for example— while other needs come later. One procedure you’ll face as the miles add up on your odometer is a timing belt replacement. There are plenty of signs it’s time for a timing belt replacement, like a ticking noise in your engine, an oil leak coming from the front of your car, or your engine misfiring. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to visit our team of professional technicians at D K Hardee Automotive for diagnosis.

Proper Timing Belt Replacement When You Need It

Some shops might delay the task of replacing your timing belt, by cleaning or adjusting rather than changing it. While there are times when a simple adjustment makes sense, the last thing you want to do is wait too long for such an important repair. Our award-winning technicians at D K Hardee Automotive know how to properly diagnose the necessity of a timing belt replacement. If our findings determine it’s the right time for a timing belt replacement on your vehicle, we’ll be ready to do the job right away with your approval.

Much More Than Timing Belt Replacement

D K Hardee Automotive performs a complete range of automotive repairs and service, well beyond timing belt replacements. Our service team maintains all type of vehicles from Ford and Toyota, to Audi, BMW and more. Utilizing high-tech diagnostic equipment, our technicians will pinpoint any issue and address it correctly, with all work backed by our 12-month/12,000-mile guarantee. If you suspect you need a timing belt replacement or any other task, come to D K Hardee Automotive in Fayetteville and let us earn your business.