Why Your Import Vehicle Auto Repairs Shouldn’t Be Done at Just Any Shop

It can be tempting to bring your vehicle to the auto repair shop down the street because they have a good rep and because you have friends who go there. But if you need European repair service, it may not be the best idea. Just like you’d take your Mac to a Mac repair shop and not a PC repair shop, or vice versa, each car manufacturer is different too. You need to know that not only will your car be fixed properly, but that your vehicle will be safe on the road and last for the many years ahead.

Hire Quality European Repair Services

There are high standards at an import repair shop. Team members are hired on for their experience and certifications in working on Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, and Volkswagen vehicles. You’ve made a big financial investment in buying a foreign import vehicle so you should continue that investment in hiring a quality European repair shop such as DK Hardee Automotive in Fayetteville, NC.

Certified Import Repair Technicians

Our import repair technicians have the experience to fix your vehicle and keep it on the read for the years ahead. Each team member has specialized training to work on auto repairs and import repairs. They work at keeping your special European or Japanese vehicle in the best condition so you and your family can stay safe on the road. We also send our import techs out for regular courses so they can stay on top of new advancements in technology.

Import Repair Services You Can Trust

There is a high level of trust when you hand over your keys to DK Hardee Automotive. We know that not all auto service shops are reputable. There is nothing stopping the guy down the street from fixing Mercedes or BMW in his garage, but do you really want to entrust him to do it? Our services are not only warrantied, but you can trust that our technicians will treat your vehicle as if it were their own.

You’ll love our friendly staff at DK Hardee Automotive in Fayetteville, NC. Next time you need quality import repairs that we back up with warranties, please give us a call.

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